SRW Mush:General disclaimer


Super Robot Wars MUSH, also SRWM and 'the game', claim no affiliation with nor ownership of any Feature content presented on our game, whose ownership and copyright remain in the control of their respective owners. Original designs, plots, themes, and characters are owned by the MUSH or their original creator, though any player integrating or applying for original content allows SRWM the right to continue to use and adapt their content for the entire life of the game, though ownership remains with the content creator.

Super Robot Wars MUSH is not a for-profit enterprise in any way shape or form and is a work of fans for the express purpose of shared enjoyment.

By connecting to our game, you affirm or agree to the following terms:

  • That you have read and understood the policies set out by the MUSH administration, including all Policy newsfiles and this disclaimer in totality, or failing that agree to the arbitration of the Staff of this MUSH.
  • That Super Robot Wars MUSH is a content provider and makes no guarantee to the content or rating of activities that occur within the game, and claims no responsibility for the sole actions of its players. Players cannot hold SRWM legally or fiscally responsible for damages that are caused over the course of play.
  • You, the player, certify you are at or above the age of 16. Any player below the age of 18 must have parental permission. This MUSH, though unrated, may have violence and/or language of an adult nature at any time, either through In Character (IC) venues, Out Of Character (OOC) venues, or otherwise, as well as other situations requiring a mature player. If we have reason to believe you are not of proper age of this MUSH, you will be permanently removed.
  • That the Staff of Super Robot Wars MUSH have the final say in matters regarding the MUSH, policy, and necessary disciplinary actions, if any.