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This represents our OOC policies as-written for most if not all elements of our game.


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Although you will find links to our Primers sprinkled throughout the news files, this index is a quick-reference for either all Primers, or specific categories of Primer. Primers are files intended to give you a good understanding of specific elements of the game world, and come in the following flavors:

General Primers are required reading intended to give you a surface-level understanding of the MUSH's world, and answers to common questions.

Specific Primers are semi-optional reading pertaining to specific subjects (which are generally linked in their overview files; for instance, the Powers file has links to all of the existing power primers): Races, Power Paths, etc. While you're encouraged to read these, you're only required to read the Specific Primers pertaining to the character you're applying for.

Detailed Primers and Supplemental files are optional reading pertaining to very specific elements of the setting. They're helpful for understanding specific pieces of the world, but unnecessary for general consumption.