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In ages past, the world was full of glories. Mankind strode the Earth like titans both figuratively and literally and reached to the stars, limited only by their imaginations. They erected vast cities, built great machines of war, and shaped the world to their will.

Those glories were lost long ago. The stories of how are countless and meaningless. All anyone truly knows is that once upon a time, mankind was great and powerful, and the heavens themselves feared. The end came, and brought the vast cities low, and buried the great machines in the dust, and time carried on.

Now, the remnants of those vast cities are picked over by scavengers. The great machines, long-buried in the sand, fuel scrapyard towns, their reactors split open for light and heat. The secrets to shape the world have long been lost, trapped in ancient tombs, awaiting the brave and the daring. The old glories form the foundation of the new world.

The modern era is full of dangers. The wasteland has mutants, bandits, and monsters, to say nothing of the Spiral Empire's Beastmen. The Domed Cities of the Innocent are full of secrets of the past, hidden in lost memories and conspiracies. Vultures walk a lonely path through the desert as mercenaries and thieves as much as nomads and do-gooders, while the Earth Militia apes the trappings of the ancient in the modern world.

The Apocalypse has come and gone, but the world continues on. The age of giant robots has returned again, as the war machines of the past are resurrected by the men of today. Not content merely to dig through the Mountain Cycles of history's passing, the new generation has brought about new machines, new mecha, new titans to forge new legends. Soon, perhaps, the past will live again, and with it, all the dangers of the first era…


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